Monday, February 13, 2006

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Cartoons: Divisions and inconsistencies

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Cartoons: Divisions and inconsistencies:
"By now, the crisis had exposed the fragility of relations between the West and Muslim countries. The publication might have passed without major international trouble if these relations had been calm. At the moment, they are not and in such fertile soil, the seed of conflict grew rapidly.

One side felt the insults deeply. The other saw the violence as overreaction."

The question that begs to be asked is: Would we be seeing any of this had there not been a Bush lead invasion of Iraq?

In other words, Bin Laden's dream of triggering a confrotation between the West and the East is being facilitated by the Bush administration's policies.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | No surprises in the war on terror

BBC NEWS | Middle East | No surprises in the war on terror: "According to the Pentagon, 95% of them were not captured by the Americans themselves.

Some 86% were handed over in Afghanistan and Pakistan after a widespread campaign in which big financial bounties were offered in exchange for anyone suspected of links to al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

The US lawyers quote the text of one of the notices the Americans handed out: 'Get wealth and power beyond your dreams... You can receive millions of dollars helping the anti-Taleban forces catch al-Qaeda and Taleban murderers.

'This is enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life.'

So, according to the figures supplied by the Pentagon, it looks as though more than 440 men out of the total of 517 at Guantanamo were handed over to the Americans in Afghanistan and Pakistan as a direct result of these bounties."