Friday, July 30, 2010

The Power of Nightmares

Alqueda Does not exist in the way you have been told.
If you want to learn what lies behind the "terrorist threat" watch the following documentary: The Power of Nightmares:

Watch The Power of Nightmares Episode 1 Online with Other Documentary Films and Free Movies at 
"'The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear' consists of three one-hour films, mostly of a montage of archive footage.
The films compare the rise of the American Neo-Conservative movement and the radical Islamist movement, making comparisons on their origins and suggesting a strong connection between the two.
More controversially, it argues that the threat of radical Islamism as a massive, sinister organized force of destruction, specifically in the form of al-Qaeda, is in fact a myth perpetrated by politicians in many countries and particularly American Neo-Conservatives in an attempt to unite and inspire their people following the failure of earlier, more utopian ideologies."

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 1

I know it is hard to believe.
Why would the state lie on such fundamental issues as the "war on terror"?
One needs to stick to the facts and let truth be our guide to discern who is misleading us and who is telling it as it is
Watch this, and you decide.

Eavesdropping on America

James Bamford : Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton and Charles Goyette:
"James Bamford, author of The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, discusses the huge advances in NSA technology and invasiveness since the Church Committee‘s 1975-76 investigation of illegal intelligence gathering, the NSA’s ominously-titled “Perfect Citizen” cyber assault monitoring program, technology and free speech activists who fight internet censorship and how the major telecom hubs provide the NSA with enough information to fill enormous data centers.

MP3 here. (28:24)

James Bamford is the author of three books about the NSA and a former Investigative Producer for ABC’s World News Tonight. The Emmy nominated PBS Nova program “The Spy Factory” can be watched here."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Government Lies Exposed

Here are some clear reasons why the Wikileaks disclosures are relevant:
Daniel Ellsberg : Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton and Charles Goyette:
"Ellsberg: That’s true; you’ve put it well. Actually I’ve had a laugh over some of the statements of the administration which take the form, “We’ve learned nothing new from these.” Well, duh. You know, surprise. These are their own reports. They’re not supposed to be seeing something new from their own reports that hopefully they’ve been reading over the years.

But when President Obama says, “Well, this has all been a matter of public discussion before” – yes, as you say, it’s been charged by Afghans that civilians were being killed; it’s been charged by President Karzai that civilians were being killed and that it was being covered-up. But that’s been accompanied by official denials that we were hitting civilians, or statements, “We are investigating,” which itself is almost surely untrue. There’s no evidence of real investigations in these many thousands of pages of documents. But what is true is that a lot of the reporting was perfectly knowledgeable that civilians were being killed and that official denials were false."

Ellsberg: In other words, we have been making life hell – literally hell – for Afghanistan, not just for two years here, not for ten years, but for thirty years.  The quotes you’re talking about from Brezinski go back to 1979 and 1980, and for all that period we have been fueling conflict in Afghanistan of a kind that did not exist before the Soviets were provoked to come in.  It’s a terrible, terrible thing we’ve been doing, and it’s really time to stop.
There’s a spill of blood, like the spill of oil in the gulf, that’s been beneath the surface, like the oil, for so long and one thing these reports do – which the administration, of course, has not – is to bring that flood of blood near the surface, where we can see it a little.  It’s really brought it into public consciousness where I hope it really will make a difference.

Baby drowned by priest during baptism


9/11 Blueprint for Truth

What Climate Guy is doing exposing the Global warming Scam, architect Richard Gage is doing with the official conspiracy theory concerning the 9/11 collapses. The Official version of the facts does not square with the facts.

If you have not yet come across this information you will benefit from Architect Gage's presentation:

9/11 Blueprint for Truth presented by Architect Richard Gage, AIA
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The Global Warming Scam

Watch the following clip featuring some comments by Dr. Denis Rancourt concerning the corruption of Science research on the environment. I wished they had just presented the whole interview, outside of the left/right paradigm which is good for nothing but to distract from the real issues. Anyway Dr Rancourt hits the nail on the head:
"They look for comfortable lies...
This Global Warming thing is an invention of the priviledged world.
Someone is going to make a lot of money from these schemes.
...They have to pretend they are doing important research without ever criticizing powerful interest. In a real way. So what do they look for? They look for elusive sanitized things like: "Acid Rain", Global Warming..."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wikileaks: Afghanistan War Logs

Afghanistan war logs:

Subject: RE: Afghanistan war logs:

Date: July 27, 2010 11:26 PM

Could also be a misdirections. Wikileaks founder says, "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." Perhaps to crackdown on Internet?

Ben: Yes, you are right: we should be very skeptical about everything we hear. It is better to assume that everything we come across contains at least some mis-info, as this guy says:

Vet the data as you would anything else from any source. Use your skills of discernment. For me, the most worrying thing about WikiLeaks is the promotion it receives from the corporate media. Even the trash talking Wired is promoting Wikileaks by constantly mentioning it.
In the end, though, obsessing about disinfo this and disinfo that is generally a waste of time. It’s safe to assume that damn near everything we come across contains disinfo.
There is the issue of stench, however. Sources that say, categorically, that there’s nothing to see here on 9/11 smell really bad to me. As bad as anything can smell. (See my maggot bucket if you think that I don’t know what smells bad.)

Ben: For me the important part of these "revelations" is the confirmation of the fact that US special forces are using assassination squads and covering up the death of civilians.
From a Christian perspective such facts show beyond reasonable doubt that a Christian cannot in good conscience support US war against Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran, since the state is lying and following principles in theory and practice which directly contradict the principles of "Just war theory".
Also, it is another reason why we should be demanding from the state to bring our troops back as, like in Vietnam, they are being forced into dehumanizing situations for no good reason. (The Military suicide rate continues to increase: Suicide Claims More US Military Lives Than Afghan War
The Bush/Obama War on Terror is a scam, leading to the death of millions of innocent civilians and soldiers. The sooner people wake up to this fact the better.