Monday, March 26, 2007

The No Shampoo Challenge

The "challenge" is an experiment on my radio show. A few weeks back I interviewed a British writer who hasn't washed his hair with shampoo for 15 years. He believes the whole industry is an expensive hoax. If you stop using shampoo, your hair will become lifeless and greasy for about 6 weeks, after which it will and achieve its own natural balance.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


If you see a dirty cheap price for electronic equipment on the net, make sure you are not dealing with Best Price, -or any of their many Additional Business Names- here are a few hundred horror stories similar to mine. These people are scammers, Do not get caught and let others know. Thanks

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Future of Food

Here is a DVD you all must watch:

The Future of Food: "

'The Future of Food provides an excellent overview of the key questions raised by consumers as they become aware of GM foods... [The film] draws questions to critical attention about food production that need more public debate.'

--- Film Review by Thomas J. Hoban,
Nature Biotechnology Magazine,
March 2005, Volume 23 No. 3

'If you eat food, you need to see The Future of Food...'


'This stylish film is not just for food faddists and nutritionists.
It is a look at something we might not want to see: Monsanto, Roundup and Roundup-resistant seeds, collectively wreaking havoc on American farmers and our agricultural neighbors around the world. In the end, this documentary is a eloquent call to action.'


A Tale of Two Houses: How the Clintons and Bushes Took Us to Hell

It Doesn't Matter If Hillary Apologizes for Her Iraq War Vote. Rank deception and violent aggression has driven the bipartisan effort to conquer and plunder Iraq. These self-evident truths – lying in plain sight for many years – are still ruthlessly suppressed by the corporate media and forever removed from the public "debate" over U.S. policy.

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Party Affiliation is Meaningless

Former Pentagon Staff Speaks Out on Crimes of Doug Feith, Dick Cheney, and Planning of Iran War | Let's Try Democracy: "SWANSON: Did you expect that the new Democratic majority would investigate the Iraq fraud?

KWIATKOWSKI: Not really. They should have done it in the first hundred hours, and started impeachment hearings, too. They did neither because those who devise our foreign policy in the Middle East politically own many Democrats and Republicans. Party affiliation is meaningless, as we have seen already."

Former Pentagon Staff Speaks Out on Crimes of Doug Feith, Dick Cheney, and Planning of Iran War | Let's Try Democracy

Former Pentagon Staff Speaks Out on Crimes of Doug Feith, Dick Cheney, and Planning of Iran War | Let's Try Democracy: "SWANSON: Did the operations led by Doug Feith gather intelligence?

KWIATKOWSKI: When I spoke to the DoD IG over a year ago (regarding the investigation that recently produced a report pronouncing the Feith operations as inappropriate), I tried to explain to the IG that what the Feith group and the Office of Special Plans was doing was information manipulation, not the production of what we legitimately call 'intelligence.' Intelligence is vetted, contextualized, and conservative. What Feith's OSP wanted, needed and produced was inflammatory bits of data, cherry-picked statements, and isolated observations by often shady characters, presented as if they were vetted, contextualized and conservative intelligence. Unlike intelligence, this effort was designed not to inform decision makers, but to shape a national conversation such that decisions already made by the administration (to topple Saddam and get bases in Iraq) could be pursued without political backlash. That's what Doug Feith and his folks did for Bush and Cheney in the Pentagon."

Monday, March 05, 2007


“there flashed across my mind the great truth that refutation is no necessary part of argument. Assume your opponent is wrong, and then explain his error, and the world will be at your feet. Attempt to prove that he is wrong or try to find out whether he is wrong or right, and the national dynamism of our age will thrust you to the wall."

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Remember Bagdad Bob?

He is just an icon representing what journalism can become in the hands of corporations and the state. ie. propaganda machines.

BBC's 9/11 Yellow Journalism Backfires: "b) How can we trust the BBC or the establishment media in general to provide accurate information about any major event when all they do is repeat what is told to them and relay it as gospel with no independent verification whatsoever, to the point where we are told a building has collapsed by a reporter while it mockingly stands behind her head?"

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War by George Lakoff

The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War by George Lakoff: "If the Bush administration, for example, were to insist on a sure 'success,' then the 'attack' would constitute nuclear war. The words in boldface are nuclear war, that's right, nuclear war – a first strike nuclear war."

A first strike nuclear war is unjusjtifiably inmoral, with any war of aggression. No Christian can support such actions and remain faithful to Christ. So American Christians need to examine their loyalties to choose between Caesar and God.

Russia’s president accused Washington of seeking world domination

Beware Growling Bears by Eric Margolis: "In his startlingly blunt speech at a security conference in Munich, Russia’s president accused Washington of seeking world domination, undermining the UN and other international institutions, trying to monopolize world energy sources, destabilizing the Mideast by its bungled occupation of Iraq, and unleashing a new nuclear arms race by planning to deploy anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe."