Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here is my review of Zeitgeist:

The first part of the video is full of half truths and non-sequitors. This video is a propaganda piece for anti-christian humanism, which ironically is at the heart of the ideology the power elites, it claims to expose, used to manipulate France into the French Revolution.

It is interesting that the movie makes no mention of that important chapter in the growth of the power elites. Which are really as anti-christian, as this movies is, and also Luciferian in the name of humanism, philanthropy, socialism, captialism etc,.

The video is sophisticated propaganda poison. It begins with a false series of premises, (assuming what it needs to prove: that Christianity is really a mixture of pagan myths) Follows with a series of valid facts and criticisms,most of which have already been uncovered by others serious researches, (about 9-11, and The federal reserve and taxation, and ends with a false conclusion, i.e. Believe in yourself,for the Christian religion is a myth used by the power elite to keep people enslaved.

This video is designed to mislead the interest of young people away from the whole truth, in the name of standing for the truth. Many are using the Internet for finding information to understand the mess the power elite has created. The elite knows this, so here is their solution, feed the crowd with half truths identifying Christianity, which is the only true solution to this mess, with the process of enslavement they themselves have created against Christianity.

True Christian ideals are the one force driving civilization from slavery to freedom.They never tell you that from the beginning faithful Christianity has been the main obstacle before the power elites and world domination. The anti-christ has been always trying to mar the message of Christianity. with more or less success both inside and outside the Church.

Secular humanism is its invention, they have been actively working to revive paganism. So this movie is an attack on Christianity presenting anti-christian humanism as the salvation, when it is a part of the root of the problem. I bet that this movie could have been financed by the same power elites, which usually finance bothsides of every ideological battle. It certainly plays very well into their evil intentions of manipulation by fear, and half truths.

If you want to learn some of the other part that this video does not tell you read this: Proofs of the Real Existence, and Dangerous Tendency, of Illuminism:

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