Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Ugly Face of Capitalism

They profit while the hungry die - Los Angeles Times:
"The Canadian government recognized this and last month increased the share of its food aid open to local and regional purchases from 10% to 50%. The U.S. is the only donor nation that still avoids local and regional purchases.

Congress nonetheless blocked the overdue reform. Why? The Iron Triangle — the nickname given the coalition of big agribusinesses, shipping companies and nongovernmental development and relief organizations, or NGOs, that lobbies for food aid. Big agribusinesses and shippers earn above-market profits from selling food aid and transoceanic shipping services to the government. They don't want to sacrifice those windfalls, not even to save lives."
When profit is set as the primary value, a Nation has been enslaved in the service of Mammon. That is the problem at the root of our current crisis. When politicians begin to put the well being of people, -all the people- not only wealthy Americans at the center of their policies, then and only then, will they be able to speak credibly about democracy and freedom. Else it will continue to be only propaganda and self deception.

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