Friday, May 12, 2006

If Bush Has His Way. . .

We will have yet another senseless war in the middle East, hundreds of thousands of more deaths and destruction.
Iran is not a threat, as Iraq was not a threat.
Bush is the threat. His administration uses pride, prejudice and fear to justify its ideologically driven agenda. Its ultimate purpose is not justice, truth and peace; but power, manipulation and self-interest.

I write this as a Christian. I beleive more Christians need to take a stand against the deception and evil policy of the current administration. I pray that God will have mercy upon us and more Christian would take a stand for truth and resist all forms of abuse and manipulation.

Pen and Sword: A Letter From Iran by Chris Floyd: "But there is no chance – zero, zilch, zip – that Bush will make any move at all to lessen the tension. We will probably never know if Iran's nuclear ambitions are peaceful now because the Bush gang is taking every possible step to goad Tehran into leaving the NPT and girding itself for the coming war by seeking nuclear weapons. They are moving systematically to cut off every possibility of a peaceful solution – save the abject surrender of Tehran. The Bush Regime's insistence that any Security Council resolution on Iran's program contain the draconian 'Chapter Seven' strictures – which allow for military action in response to non-compliance – give glaring indication of Washington's true intentions. They want war – or else they believe that by ratcheting up the war fever to intolerable levels on the diplomatic front (along with the covert ops they are now running inside Iran), they will force the Iranian regime to crumble on its own, after which the Americans can march in – at the head of an 'international coalition,' no doubt – to 'restore order' and receive the hosannas of the grateful population.

This won't happen, of course. So we will, in the end, if Bush has his way, have war. It is therefore incumbent upon us all to do whatever we can to keep this swaggering fool from having his way, and his war. Let's close by giving the last word, via Juan Cole, to the Iranian dissident Shirin Ebadi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her resistance to the Iranian theocracy. Her words present a clearer vision of what will come than the bloated fantasies of the Bush Regime's puerile strategists:

'The only beneficiaries of the war are people who sell arms. As a Muslim Iranian, I state here that I do criticize the government of Iran. But this does not mean that America has the right to invade Iran. And if America has not learned its lesson from Iraq and thinks of invading Iran, notwithstanding all of the criticisms we have of our government, we will defend our country to the last drop of our blood. And we will not let an alien soldier set foot on the land of Iran. If American speaks of globalization, this doesn't mean that the whole world is seen as one village and Bush is seen as the only sheriff of that village.'"

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