Sunday, May 14, 2006

We Have Figure It Out!

Political Cortex: Horseshit! Bush and the Christian Cowboy: "Mr. Bush tells Oval Office visitors from Germany:

'You cannot lead people unless you're optimistic about what you're doing. You've got to believe it in your very soul. One of the interesting things about the presidency is people watch me like a hawk. They're looking at my moves. And if I'm going to be wringing my hands and if I'm all worried about the decisions I make are not going to lead to a better tomorrow, they'll figure it out.
. . .

And so when you talk to me today, I just want you to know I not only strongly believe in the decisions I make, I'm optimistic that they're going to work -- very optimistic.'"
But, we have figure it out. Your decisions are not going to lead to a better tomorrow regardless of what you do with your hands.

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