Saturday, September 30, 2006

9/11 Ask Questions

I invite you to consider the facts, and ask the basic questions: For example

1 How can steel and concrete buildings fall at free fall speed, by fire and gravity alone?
2 What happened to the 47 massive core columns of the towers?
3 How can asymmetric damage cause symmetric controlled demolition like collapses in three buildings the same day?
4 What caused the collapse of the WT7 in a symmetrical demolition like manner? How and why?
5 Why four hijacked planes were not intercepted by the most sophisticated defense system in the planet? Why was nobody held accountable for such blatant failures?
6 Why was the pentagon hit in the most difficult angle at the least efficient place?
7 Why the government resisted every effort of serious investigation? Why the families of the victims were forced to demand an investigation from the government, without which there would not have been an official investigation?
8 Why the official investigation report left unanswered the most important questions, and is plagued with omissions and distortions?
9 Why the evidence was quickly removed and destroyed?
10 Where did the molten metal at the foundation of the three buildings come from?
11 Where does the energy to melt metal came from?
12 Why most of the eye witness of the collapse, many of them experienced firemen, testified perceiving controlled demolition like explosions inside of the buildings?
13 Why president Bush stayed put reading a book to kids knowing the nation was under attack?
14 Why was he not protected by the secret service?

And there are many other basic unanswered questions, omissions and distortions showing that your faith in the official story is not based upon and objective examination of the facts but upon an apriori faith in the government and the rejection of the possibility that the official story could be false.

We were all deceived by a well constructed lie. The only way you will find out this is so, is if you step out of the ideological bubble and begin to cross check the official story against the facts.

You may begin here:

Forget about conspiracy theories. Face the facts. Make questions. Start dialogue. The truth shall make us free.

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