Saturday, September 30, 2006

America Needs to Wake Up to the Truth about 9/11

1 How can steel and concrete buildings fall at free fall speed, by fire and gravity alone?

Answer: No way. It is physically impossible for a reinforced structure of concrete and steel to collapse at almost free fall speed, upon its footprint without explosives, because concrete and steel naturally offer much more resistance than air to a falling object, unless systematically blown out of the way, as it happens in a control demolition.

I now this fact is hard for us to come to terms with. It was not easy for me to face the facts either. So without any desire to be offensive, let me ask you a simple question: How do we know there were no explosives used in the buildings?

Neither FEMA nor NIST even tested for explosives. The steel remains were quickly destroyed so that no conclusive examination of the evidence can settled this question.

Think about that. Never in history a building had collapsed due to fire. Symetrical collapses of buildings at free fall speed can only occur as a result of control demolition. A perfectly natural hypothesis; Yet, No examination testing for explosive, and the destruction of the evidence so that now there is no evidence to examine in the worst crime in recent times. Who did that?

Government officials did. The same who told us the official story. Now people think they know the truth, purely by faith in the word of the government without evidence. Because one dare not think the unthinkable, That some government officials may have conspired to commit and cover up a henious crime.

You may ask what evidence leads me to prefer the explanation of a controlled demolition to explain the fall, I would point to the following:

The speed of the fall,
The symetry of the fall,
the complete destruction of the structure,
the explosive trajectory of some of the debris
molten metal at the foundation of each demolished building,
evidence of thermite
eye witness reports of demolition type explosions in both towers.
the fact that no other building has collapsed as a result of fire.

For a scholarly presentation of these and other considerations:
see here:

Updated Version: Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?

The official story provides no reasonable answer to the most basic questions.

The families of the victims still have valid unanswered questions. Had it not been for their persistence, we would know even less than we do. Consider what they have to say watching their documentary:

Press for Truth

I have no theory to advance, just an assertion of fact: the official story does not square with the known facts. And any non biased investigator is able to verified that. That is the purpose of my questions and this post to invite you gentle reader to examine the fact by yourself.

Look at the evidence. Face the facts. Ask questions; America needs to wake up and face the facts.

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