Saturday, November 26, 2005

American Chronicle: WAKE UP AMERICA! by Charles Fortunato

American Chronicle: WAKE UP AMERICA!: "This administration was determined to go to war regardless of any strategies or legal justification. They fabricated and manipulated intelligence reports to discredit anyone who dared challenge them.

This was a pernicious preemptive strike without most of the worlds approval, against a sovereign state. We expended over 200 billion dollars that could have been used for America�s needy, and for national disasters, education, and national health care. Other monies are distributed with ulterior motives to buy influence and control all over the world, as subsidies, in the billions of indebted dollars, rather than for the direct benefit to the American people.

We had the Valerie Plame leak, Halliburton (no bid contracts), and the torture at ABU-GHRAIB prison. Then came the acknowledgment of the city of Fallujah being destroyed and Iraqi citizens burned to death by white phosphorus chemical munitions. Then there is the arrogant administration statement of, 'We have to change the world before the world changes us'.

This is horrible and alarming. We should change ourselves in order to regain the respect and honor that has been lost. Do we remember George M. Cohen�s song, 'Over here, over there, for the Yanks are coming'. Well here is what we have done 'Over There'. Over 2,000 American troops killed, over 15,000 wounded, over 50,000 with battle fatigue, and over 100,000 Iraqi men, women, and children killed. Peace was an American value.

Since we embraced imperialism and colonialism, we have lost nationally and with it worldwide respect and honor, but gained contempt and revenge. There will be little chaos in Iraq by our leaving with a fully complete withdrawal as soon as possible and within six months. We support our troops and we support our troops to come home to their families. By suspending our occupation, we will be giving Iraq back their sovereignty to solve its own destiny.

How long will it take the American people to realize that we have been betrayed by both entrenched political parties? It is now time for accountability involving indictments and impeachment. This warrants the enforcement of the rule of law under the Constitution, otherwise it becomes null and void."

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