Thursday, November 17, 2005

White phosphorus: Not relevant for the US MSM

BBC NEWS | Americas | White phosphorus: weapon on the edge:
"The admission contradicted a statement this week from the new and clearly under-briefed US ambassador in London Robert Holmes Tuttle that US forces 'do not use napalm or white phosphorus as weapons'.

The official line to that point had been that WP, or Willie Pete to use its old name from Vietnam, was used only to illuminate the battlefield and to provide smoke for camouflage.

'Shake 'n Bake'

This line however crumbled when bloggers (whose influence must not be under-estimated these days) ferreted out an article published by the US Army's Field Artillery Magazine in its issue of March/April this year.

The article, written by a captain, a first lieutenant and a sergeant, was a review of the attack on Falluja in November 2004 and in particular of the use of indirect fire, mainly mortars.
Another eloquent silence in the Main Stream Media of the United States. It does not even acknowledge the controversy.

The evidence has been documented see:
has been documented see this

I guess that in a week or two they will say that like the Downing Street Memo, it is all old news.

But you should see the documentary:
- Download the full documentary: 'Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre'
- Rai 24 News website"
- Fight To Survive

It makes quite clear that WP was used as a weapon not just as illumination or camouflage."

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