Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Terrible Wrong Perspective We Cannot Afford to Ignore

Early Warning by William M. Arkin - washingtonpost.com: "Well, this weekend, another high ranking U.S. officer spoke up. What he said isn't some truth uttered without the gloss of 'public affairs' or spin. It is insight into a terribly wrong perspective, both about the U.S. military and about the international mood.

Yesterday, Lt. Gen. Walter E. (Buck) Buchanan III, commander of U.S. Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) and the top air commander in the Middle East, and otherwise, I thought, a competent and smart officer, told the Associated Press not one, but three brainless things.

Speaking on the sidelines of the gigantic Dubai Air Show in the United Arab Emirates, Buchanan said reports of civilian casualties in Iraq were exaggerated, that the U.S. military had not used white phosphorous as an anti-personnel weapon, and that many Iraqi deaths in Iraq had been 'staged.' "

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