Friday, December 09, 2005

A Fatal Mistake: The War on Terror

When Terror Defines the Methods to War Against Terror. . . Innocent People (you also)Pay the Price Witnesses heard no talk of bomb:
"With all the advances that the U.S. has supposedly made in their war against terrorism, I can't conceive that the marshals wouldn't be able to overpower an unarmed, single man, especially knowing he had already cleared every security check,' Carlos Alpizar said Thursday of his brother's death, in a telephone interview from Costa Rica.
And He is exactly right. What good is all the check points if Marshalls still think that a passanger is by definition a suspect? Are you feeling more secure. How many times there have been hysterical people on air planes? But now every citizen is a target. We are living in dangerous times.
'I will never accept that it was necessary to kill him as if he was some dangerous criminal. And I want to make this distinction: He did not die. He was killed.'

But to federal authorities and security experts, Alpizar -- mentally ill or not -- was responsible for his own death.
Yeah, sure, blame the victim. The authorities who wrongly killed him are responsible for his death.

This is the same deceit of the preemptive rational for war, where the perception of a threat is moral ground enough to trigger a 'defense' when no offense has been committed. This rational of fear is extremly dangerous, and now we know that it works against 'us' as well as it worked against 'them'. We did nt care when preemption was use for our 'security' against other nations. But do you see, preemption can be used against you as well, one the mechanism and justification are in place. Nothing will save us from suffering the abuse of power.

The 'war on terror' itself is the most terroristic menace we face today
'This threat presented itself, and we believe it was necessary to use deadly force. . . . There's no time in making these split-second decisions to analyze their mental health,' said James E. Bauer, special agent in charge of the Federal Air Marshal Service's Miami field office."
Yes, there is.
If there is no time, then no decision should be taken. Either way they are morally responsible for the wrong choice. That is their job. Unless we are willing to give circumstantial 'carte blanche' to Law enforcement and be living 'secure' in the Brave New world under a dangerous police state.

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