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No, Thank You, Mrs. Rice. | Do You Really Think All the World is That Stupid?

U.S. Interrogations Are Saving European Lives, Rice Says - New York Times: "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice chastised European leaders on Monday, saying that before they complain about secret jails for terror suspects in European nations, they should realize that interrogations of these suspects have produced information that helped 'save European lives.'"
Look who's talking!

The obvious irony is that those 'European lives', (as if the value of human life was relative to the ethnicity of the group one prefers) like those who perished in Spain's bomb attack, would not have suffered but because of the US war of aggression.

How many more attacks will be encouraged by the ideological rationalization of the American torture policy? Do not they realize that the case inflaming 'terrorists' is a sense of moral outrage because of the abuse of power of a decadent and ruthless regime? How smart is it to 'stay the course' in the wrong direction?

No thank you, Mrs. Rice. But there is more on this insult to our intelligence:
Intelligence gathered from these interrogations, she said, "has stopped terrorist attacks and saved innocent lives in Europe as well as the United States." But she declined to offer examples or provide any specific information to support her assertions. She said any information related to the prisons was classified. Ms. Rice did not explicitly confirm the existence of the detention centers, first described in news reports early last month. But acknowledgment of them was implicit in her remarks. Without the debate over the covert jails, there would have been no reason for her statement.

"We must bring terrorists to justice wherever possible," she said, "but there have been many cases where the local government cannot detain or prosecute a suspect, and traditional extradition is not a good option."
Why? Because, you say so? or because the terrorist have by definition no human rights? No, Thank You, Mrs. Rice.
Administration officials, including Ms. Rice on Monday, have repeatedly maintained since the reports about the secret prisons began that the government is abiding by American law and international agreements. "We are respecting U.S. law and U.S. treaty obligations," she said several times on Monday. "And we are respecting other nations' sovereignty."

That is a change in the position of the Bush administration, which has repeatedly maintained in recent years that American law does not apply to prisoners held abroad. That is one reason some terror suspects were taken to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and to other foreign locations.

Asked about that conflict while speaking to reporters on her plane, Ms. Rice did not answer directly and instead repeated her statement about respecting American laws and obligations.
Her silence is much more eloquent than her crafted deceitful statement.
Following the reports of a secret detention policy, the administration has come under criticism from the United Nations, at least two arms of the European Union and several European countries. The Europeans say the secret detention centers would be illegal in their countries. Jack Straw, the British foreign secretary, wrote Ms. Rice on behalf of the European Union last week, seeking an explanation.

In Congress, Democrats are calling for an investigation of the prisons and the treatment of suspects held there, while Republicans are pushing for an inquiry to determine who in the government leaked the information to the news media.
The great patriots are fulfilling their duty of persecuting the messenger while ignoring the evil policy of the administration
News reports over the last month have said the C.I.A. began holding dozens of terror suspects in secret prisons in Europe shortly after Sept. 11. While the administration has not confirmed the reports, it has also not denied them.

The mistreatment of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq as well as the ongoing debate over the imprisonment of terror suspects at Guantanamo, have raised questions among Europeans and human rights organizations
And any one with any sense of decency not blinded by American Imperial ideology

about the treatment of suspects held in the C.I.A. facilities, where no one can visit them or check on their treatment.

Ms. Rice insisted she could not confirm the existence of secret prisons because that would involve discussion of classified activities. "One of the difficult issues in this new kind of conflict is what to do with captured individuals who we know or believe to be terrorists," she said. Many are "essentially stateless, owing their allegiance to the extremist cause of transnational terrorism."
She could find a few pointers in the Geneva convention regarding prisoners of war. After all it is America who claims to be waging a 'war on terror' but it is obvious from the start that the US is committed to the rules for other countries but not when it is them perpetrating the crimes.
On her plane later, Ms. Rice expressed impatience with the spiraling investigations and inquiries.
May I express impatience with the spiraling nonsense she propagates on behalf of this rotten administration?
"Democracies are going to debate these things," she said. "But they need to debate them not just on one side of the issue - that is, how the actual activities are being carried out." They should also consider, "are we doing everything we can to protect innocent lives?"
O yes, Do not mind the reality of actual abuse carried out by my administration. It is all for a good cause, there are always abstract 'innocent' lives to justify our abuses of actual real people. If you want to sleep while knowing part of the truth just do what I do, repeat to yourself that they are 'terrorist' and we are just defending 'innocent' people.

Thank you for reminding me once more that all your crimes are perpetrated in the name of a good cause. But, No, thank you, Mrs. Rice.

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