Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who Owns Iraq?

Hope Over History By Richard Cohen:
"I am not -- not yet, anyway -- a pulloutnik. In the apt Pottery Barn analogy, we broke Iraq and we own it.
How presumptuous! USA did not 'broke' Iraq. 'It tried to 'steal' Iraq and messed it up in the process, and now thinks it owns it.
The National Security Council's 'National Strategy for Victory in Iraq' -- a numbingly repetitive document -- nevertheless makes a convincing case that chaos, a civil war, a bloodbath, and a precipitous loss of American prestige and influence would follow an abrupt U.S. withdrawal. A repeat of the shameful exit from Vietnam has to be avoided -- if only because Iraq is in the center of the Middle East, not a small country on the periphery of Asia."
Please wake up, 'chaos, 'civil war' bloodbath and overal loss of American pretige and influence cannot follow withdrawal, because it preceeds it.

There is no more 'American prestige' in the middle east -or the world- the only place that exist is in the egotistic minds of some blindfolded Americans.
What needs to happen is a complete change of strategy, from aggression to defense. Back off. Empower the Iraquis to take care of themselves and only help when and if asked. let the Iraquis sort it out, after all it is their country. Get UN peace keeping forces as USA steps off the scene. Renounce American military bases, (which is probably the 'reason' for the war if there was any 'reason' for it. I am tempted to think, there was no 'reason', it was just a presumptuous abuse of power in service of ideological imperialism.

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