Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ideological Thinking: Pay Attention

When the War Won't Stay at Bay:

" In 2004 the president told a Washington Times reporter that he doesn't watch news on TV or even read the newspaper except to scan the front page. 'I like to have a clear outlook,' he explained. 'It can be a frustrating experience to pay attention to somebody's false opinion or somebody's characterization, which simply isn't true.'
Bush clearly dislikes being challenged by reporters. "

This is exactly why Bush is an awful president. A person who is not willing to undergo the frustration of having to wrestle with a contrary opinion is not able to lead others with a sound mind. An ignorant person must be a manipulator, as he lacks any other means of legitimate persuasion.

Yes, Mr President, it can be frustrating to pay attention to someone with a false idea. But, how will you know that an opinion is false if you pay no attention to it? Only if you know all the answers already, and whoever disagrees with you must be wrong by definition.

This is ideological thinking. It is dangerous even when right. The ideological thinking of this administration has lead us into this mess.

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