Friday, August 26, 2005

President, President: There's a Problem,

It is a president unable to recognize his failures. That is the problem.

First Step? Admit There's a Problem: "To pursue anything like the Beazley strategy, Bush would have to admit that his policy hasn't worked -- to himself, if not to the public. Could Bush's willingness to embrace the flawed Iraqi draft constitution be a signal that the president is radically scaling down his expectations (and ours) in preparation for the 'repositioning' that Beazley describes?"

Some are arguing that there is still a small chance to save Iraq from becoming a complete fiasco. But that chance depends on a miracle. It depends on president Bush admitting that he was wrong. Which honestly implies that there is no chance at all. Stay the course is the only option, regardless of the consequences, and even when it is too late, the emperor will carry his nakedness with the same stuborn resolution of him who is always right no matter what.

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