Thursday, August 04, 2005

Why Not?

As the 60th anniversary of the first dropping of an Atomic Bomb over a civilian population approaches the whole debate concerning the justification for that action is alive again.

From the military perspective the argument may have no end. But from the moral and religious perspective the decision is more clear.

Within the boundaries of Christian Just War theory, the targeting of civilians is indefensible and rightly identified as a terror tactic. It cannot be justified for pragmatic, hypothetical or ideological deliberations.

One cannot wage a war deliberately targeting civilians no matter what, or one crosses the line between a justifiable war and a terrorist tactic.

Let me give you a quiz; who said the following:

"there are no innocent civilians in war, everyone is doing something, contributing to the war effort,"

an Al queda militant or a US soldier?

for the answer go to:

It is a sobering thought to remember that the first and only Nation ever to use WMD upon civilian populations, destroying two cities, is the same Nation that used the fear of these weapons to justify a war of aggression against another Nation which was not a real threat (Iraq).

These thoughts should give us pause to meditate, so that those American people who love truth more than nationalists pride may not be as ready to accept and justify the deceptive discourse of its leadership when they ignore the moral principles that judge their actions.

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