Monday, September 05, 2005

Another Reality Check vs Gambling With the Future

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Multiple failures caused relief crisis: "The gamble was taken that another Category Five would not threaten New Orleans anytime soon. This attitude prevailed among successive administrations.

Lt General Carl Strock, the Army Corps of Engineers commander, admitted that there was a collective mindset - that New Orleans would not be hit. Washington rolled the dice, he said."

Now they should know better. But, do they?
Nature has provided us yet another reality check. The fact that a collective mindset neglects reality, does not change the nature of reality. If one lives in a hurricane and flood area, one will sooner or later get them in all shapes and sizes.

This problem of denial within the American collective mind should be taken seriously into account when the same phenomenom of ideological blindness is applied to the problems of Global Warming and Oil consumption. These problems can only be attenuated, not with quick fixes, but with long term well concerted efforts.

This administration has been gambling with our future, driven by ideological dreams. It is now made clear who pays the worst on the losses.

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mindinghope said...

Loved this! Thanks, I'm going to pass it on to others in the Blogisphere -- and will be checking back for future reality checks.

Keep up the good work!

Ellen Rose