Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Make No Mistake"

Why, Oh Why?: "Mr. President, will you ever hold anyone accountable for performance deficiencies? Will you even bother to demand answers?

Would the federal response have taken so long if some similarly devastating disaster had struck, say, McLean, Va., or Scarsdale, N.Y.?" From The Washington Post By Terry M. Neal on Tuesday, September 6, 2005; 12:00 AM

Of course these are important rethorical questions which emphasize the sad truth about this aministrations priorities. But our 'make no mistake' president, has one constant trait, He never admits to a mistake. He will never apologize for his leadership and administrative failure with an honest look at what actually happened. He will only held someone else accountable in order to cover his own incompetence.

We are already seeing an emerging scapegoat in the person of FEMA's director, while the president goes around hugging people. But 'make no mistake' it was the president who took Fema out of his cabinet and put this man there. It is the president who has Lousiana's National Guard weakened fighting his immoral war overseas. It was the president who never walked through the Convention Center or the Superdome when people were clamoring for help. etc., etc. etc.

'Make no mistake' At the root of this catastrophic response there is a 'clear and present danger': An incompetent politician and his band of ideologues, with a set of political priorities which translates into policies that kill the innocent, blame the victim, leave the poor unattended and a Nation weakened and ashamed.

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