Monday, September 05, 2005

Now I get it!

Thanks for this comment on the BBC-News I was able to connect in my mind a piece of the puzzle.
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Towards the eye of the hurricane: "Al himself served in the National Guard and helped with rescue operations after Hurricane Camille in 1969.

He thinks public-order operations like this one should be the responsibility of the Louisiana National Guard. But the National Guard is in Iraq."

Of Course, Now I get it!

All this time I was wondering why the delay in the evacuation of New Orleans? Why the small coast guard stepping in to bear the heavy load? Why did it took so long for the other troops to respond?

Well the Coast Guard was from Louisiana. They were there already and didnot had to be called in from some where else, like California or Nevada. They knew their place. And went immediately in.

It was not just planning and communication problem. The problem was aggravated by a simple fact: the locals, the Louisiana National Guard was substantially out of town. They were over there, and the other ones were not aware of the consequences created by such a vacuum, before such and emergency.

Imagine what would have happened if a significant amount of NY firefighters and policemen had been in Iraq on September 11.

The analogue situation happened with Kathrina. The local heroes were fighting Bush's war, while Bush could not care less for their city, families and friends (until of course awoked from his sumbler by the crude reality of the corpses of elderly people rotting by the side of the road, and dehydrated mothers with babies crying for days without water or food, all happening within his complacent 'heck of a job' discourse).

Of course, it is not convenient for the Bush administration to call attention over this simple fact, which further exposes the problem created by Bush's neo-conservative dream war policy. Kathrina showed that the US is exposed and ill prepared to deal with major catastrophes in significant populated areas. That is good news for terrorits, but bad news for everybody else.

In other words, we must face the fact that the human side of this catastrophe bears the marks of the incompetence of this administration at various, serious and interelated levels, and that continues to be a threat in the near future.

This is sad, but now it makes sense.

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