Monday, September 12, 2005

Where Were You?

Bush Denies Race, War Played Role in Katrina Response: "'When those Coast Guard choppers . . . were pulling people off roofs, they didn't check the color of a person's skin. They wanted to save lives,' he said.

Sure, nobody questions the people who did something effective in response to this Hurricane. The question is, Mr President, where was all the other help that was needed at the time of crisis and not five days after. Moreover, where were you?

Why you did not walk ground zero exactly as you did after 9/11?
Then, you hugged the fire fighter, possing before the world horn in hand. But now, where were you? where was your hug after the hurricane, for the police men who had to patrol the superdome during days and nights without food, shelter or water, when people were desperate and dying around them? Where were you then during those endless nights and days?

Why the closest you came to the misery aggravated by your administrations negligence was behind the safety of the cameras at the airport's runway? Why you did not crossed that runway and follow the way of those poor who were hurt, and those who were desparetly trying to comfort them?

Why were you unable to look at the victims' faces with honest compassion? Not the victims of the hurricane, but the victims of your administration's neglect. Can you look them in the face?

The reporters were there. One was even feeding an old man while you gave your empty speech. That was your opportunity to show us that you are able to do something more than just posing. But, off you went after the pose, promising "I will not forget what I have seen'.

Neither will we.

If it is not race or war which explains your incompetence then tell us what it is. But only after and not before you have, at least, repented and apologized for it. Otherwise all your posing and offers of money are no more than shameless damage control.

Bush said the government will take a 'sober look' at 'what went on and how it went on' amid continued criticism of what is seen as an inadequate federal response to a national disaster."

The government will take a 'sober look' in order to justify itself. Does anyone believe anymore that this government is able to honestly look at its failures?

Mr President if you want to give a sober look at the root of the problem, just stop posing for the cameras and walk to the nearest mirror, and look as soberly as you may be able, if you can at all. Then walk to the nearest camera, and Say: 'World and American people I am sorry my sorry administration has failed all of you except my cronies'.

I will stop pursuing my policy of wars of aggression.
I will stop my administration's policy of prisoner abuse and torture.
I will stop my administration's propaganda campaign,
I will stop my administration's abuse of the environment,
I will stop favoring the rich at the cost of the poor.
I will begin to tell you the truth.

Then work to begin to change all of the above. And then, maybe, just maybe you could gain some credibility with me.

As if you cared...!


Anonymous said...

you ignorant --------. Do you really think that the president could do any more from new orleans than he could from the white house? or from his ranch?

Second of all, if the national guard or the president were there during the storm... they'd be stranded too! Help is there and helping as much as is possible. Dont blame politicians for the storm. Taking a horrible disaster and using it to further your political ideas is just plain infantile.

I'm not a big fan of Bush either, but holy cow...shut ----- up.

Erasmo said...

It seems I touched a nerve, but insults add nothing to your argument.

Yes, I think the president could and should have done more than look from the window of airforce one, during those awful first days.

The fact is that he did not. And poor people suffered as a consequence.

In regard to the National Guard, that is exactly what happened, the forces that were there were stranded, therefore it was necessary to bring in reinforcements quick. Something the president has the power to do inmediately, not five days later.

I do not blame politicians for the storm. I hold them accountable to do their job efficiently instead of posing for damage control.

How would you feel if it had been you or your family in that superdome days after? While the president said, to his cronie: 'brownie your doing a heck of a job'

It is not a matter of being or not a fan of president Bush, It is a matter of recognizing incompetence when it jumps before our faces.