Monday, March 06, 2006

The Adulation of Ignorance by Paul Craig Roberts

The Adulation of Ignorance by Paul Craig Roberts: "In view of the available facts, how can Bush in his state of the union address tell Congress and the world that the US is winning in Iraq? Why did Congress stand and applaud? What does it mean to win a war that should not have been started?

Having admitted that his invasion of Iraq is based on incorrect intelligence, why did Bush claim in his state of the union address that his war in Iraq is central to the war against terrorism? He must mean that his mistake created terrorism where it did not exist, and, having created the terrorism, he must now fight it even if doing so creates yet more terrorists.

A rational response to Bush’s mistake would be to remove the cause of the insurgency by apologizing for the mistake and withdrawing US military forces. Neoconservatives say that the US cannot withdraw because Iraq would fall into civil war. This is an admission that by removing Saddam Hussein, Bush created the conditions for civil war in Iraq. How, then, was removing Saddam Hussein a good thing?"

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brent said...

from about 1985-1999 i used to watch the state of the union addresses made by the president (3 of them). i was always amazed at how sheep-like congress was when they clapped at the moronic shit that would spew from the mouths of the president. most verbal bull shit came out of old man bush. it is good to see the apple doesn't fall far from the bush. like father like son, except this one is an even bigger mistake of the american public thrust upon citizens of the world.