Thursday, March 02, 2006

BBC NEWS | Americas | Video shows Bush Katrina warning

BBC NEWS | Americas | Video shows Bush Katrina warning: "Clear warning

The footage does the president no favours, the BBC's Justin Webb reports from Washington.

Cars stream out of New Orleans on eve of Katrina disaster
Citizens were fleeing New Orleans as Mr Bush was being briefed

It shows plainly worried officials telling Mr Bush very clearly before the storm hit that it could breach New Orleans' flood barriers.

In the past, the president has said nobody anticipated a breach but the video shows Michael Brown, the top emergency response official who has since resigned, saying the storm would be 'a bad one, a big one'."

No new news here. Once more, Bush lied. The question is: Why the inaction against New Orleans?

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Anonymous said...

I have the Bush katrina video on my site, feel free to download it.
I Also have this opinion on the site.
August 2005 George Bush was in Texas and he was there for a reason. The 09.11.01 anniversary was going to fall on a Sunday. That was like a gift from heaven and Bush was going to take full advantage of it. While Katrina was forming, in the Gulf of Mexico, the Bush team was planning every second of 09.11.05. They were making plans for cabinet members to be on the Sunday talk shows, like Meet the Press, with the same message to support the Bush agenda. I believe Michael Brown was out of this loop and wouldn’t have been able to interrupt the planning, even if he had tried and he may have tried. A hurricane or hurricane threat was not going to interfere with the Bush agenda or the 09.11.01 anniversary planning. When the dikes broke, in New Orleans, the Bush team refused to believe their 09.11.01 anniversary plans would have to trashed and refused to refocus on real event, hurricane Katrina, until it was too late.

Jim Pence