Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Rules for Propaganda

No Breach Seen in Work in Iraq on Propaganda - New York Times: "Across the Bush administration, officials are wrestling with how to counter radical anti-American messages that resonate throughout huge parts of the world. With the pace of technology, and against the backdrop of American counterterrorism efforts around the world, the role of information has been given greater prominence in Pentagon planning.

The question for the Pentagon is its proper role in shaping perceptions abroad. Particularly in a modern world connected by satellite television and the Internet, misleading information and lies could easily migrate into American news outlets, as could the perception that false information is being spread by the Pentagon."
What about beginning to tell the truth?

See how they care about 'perception' not reality. Their problem is not to do 'right' but to do whatever they want and then worry about how to manipulate perception. When ever you hear the official line you better be suspicious, because they have carefully parsed their words to deceive you.

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