Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Truth About Inmigration Policy

Called by God to Help - New York Times: "The unspoken truth of the immigration debate is that at the same time our nation benefits economically from the presence of undocumented workers, we turn a blind eye when they are exploited by employers. They work in industries that are vital to our economy yet they have little legal protection and no opportunity to contribute fully to our nation.

While we gladly accept their taxes and sweat, we do not acknowledge or uphold their basic labor rights. At the same time, we scapegoat them for our social ills and label them as security threats and criminals to justify the passage of anti-immigrant bills.

This situation affects the dignity of millions of our fellow human beings and makes immigration, ultimately, a moral and ethical issue. That is why the church is compelled to take a stand against harmful legislation and to work toward positive change.

It is my hope that our elected officials will understand this and enact immigration reform that respects our common humanity and reflects the values — fairness, compassion and opportunity — upon which our nation, a nation of immigrants, was built."


Jaime Moreno said...

Hi. My name is Jaime Moreno. Do you really think that illegal inmigrants suffer exploitation here in USA? If that's what you think then you are as bad as ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!! If your agenda is out to cry about illegal inmigrants being victims for working hard and not get paid well you are out of line. I used to work in Monterrey Mexico. 2 Jobs, 84 hours a week making for both about 230.00 a month. They cannot get better jobs and better pay because they realize that they are making a lot more here than they would ever make in their native country. They don't come here to take the hard low paid jobs that Americans don't want to take. They come here running away from poverty and discrimination in their native countries. THink for a minute, they sign a contract and have the will to take any job for any pay because is the oportunity for them to support their families. You are fighting the wrong war, you and me and all hispanics should demand the betterment of our countries so that they don't have to come here. The worst hardship for an illegal inmigrant is being away from their families, in a country that has different culture and values. If you have lived all of you life here in the USA, you don't have a clue about what goes on in Latinamerica. Don't make the latin community victims here in the U.S. they are victims way before they come to the U.S. And if you are an activist, all I have to say is that I feel sorry for you. Sincerely, Jaime Moreno.

Erasmo said...

Dear Jaime,

Yes, I do think illegal inmigrants often suffer exploitation. And I think that is wrong. Inmigration is a natural economic phenomenon because everywhere all people want a better life, and if moving to another country is what it takes that is what they will do.

That is not a criminal act. I agree with you, that the battle must be waged on two fronts, one in making conditions in our homeland good enough for people to want to remain and flourish there. But also the US needs to come to terms with the fact that criminalizing inmigration does not make it any safer and only benefits those who want to take advantage of cheap labor at the price of human cost.