Thursday, August 26, 2010

Distractions and Controlled Opposition

We need to realize that both the mosque and the "gay" debate are simple distractions, red hearings designed to push our buttons and get us all excited discussing emotionally charged divisive opinions, (I am expecting to see when they will play the abortion button) all the while the men behind the curtain are driving the nation to its demise, destroying our constitutional government, trampling over our civil liberties, plotting to trigger a 3rd world war, and destroying our economy.

At this stage we should all be preparing for a new false flag event (that is what 9/11 was) blaming the Muslim world to garner public support for the beginning of a 3rd world war designed to bring in World government.

It is hard to believe but there is evidence to back up the notion that both 1st and 2nd world wars were at least in part a result of a long term conspiracy by those who want to undermine national sovereignty and introduce world government. (see for example here:  ) Such people believe in the principle that the end justify the means. So they will say, pretend to be and do whatever they feel is necessary to achieve their demonic purpose.

They corrupted our educational system, they control the media, most of what comes down the Main Stream Media pipe and much in the alternative media is designed for propaganda manipulation of public opinion, the target is our minds and our discussion; if they control the information, they control the issues so they need not fear our response; the left - right paradigm is nothing but a system of controlled opposition.  We need to step outside such conceptual matrix and search and work for the whole truth, if we are to avoid being manipulated.

"In our dreams people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands"
Frederick Gates Chairman of the Rockefeller General Education Board "1912, The Worlds Work"
We need to become aware of their tricks so that they cannot play us into compliance any more.

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