Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The deception is historic and continuous"

The only issue I take with this wonderful two minute speech is when it says: "The Government at times tells you lies" I would remove the "at times". As he says in the next line: "the deception is historic and continuous." Any way it is a great speech:

"Goverment at times tells you lies. The deception is historic and continuous.
Does the government want you to know that it has killed innocent civilians in Afganistan? Of Course Not!
Does it want you to know that it has dispatched hit squads to kill civilians in Afganistan that it hates and fears in violation of American Law, Afgan Law and International Law? Of course not! ...
The Government needs to be exposed because it cannot be trusted to expose itself.
The light of day and the light of truth are the best disinfectants for the government no matter what it does. ...
Something is not right when people must break the law and risk their freedom  to tell us the truth.
Thank God for the Truth! No matther how it comes to us." Judge Andrew Napolitano:

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