Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Atomic Lies

The truth sometimes is very difficult to come to terms with. Reality can be terrifying. That is why we are so easily deceived when those who know tell us the lies we want to hear.

The truth is not easy, but as good medicine for the soul, it is always necessary.
Targeting Iran: Is the US Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?: by Michel Chossudovsky
"'We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark.... This weapon is to be used against Japan ... [We] will use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the target and not women and children. Even if the Japs are savages, ruthless, merciless and fanatic, we as the leader of the world for the common welfare cannot drop that terrible bomb on the old capital or the new. ... The target will be a purely military one... It seems to be the most terrible thing ever discovered, but it can be made the most useful.'
(President Harry S. Truman, Diary, July 25, 1945)
'The World will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, insofar as possible, the killing of civilians..' (President Harry S. Truman in a radio speech to the Nation, August 9, 1945).
[Note: the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945; the Second on Nagasaki, on August 9, on the same day as Truman's radio speech to the Nation]
(Listen to Excerpt of his speech, Hiroshima audio video)"

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